Let's Talk About Masturbation: 4 Self-Pleasure Tips For Women

Self-pleasure is still a taboo topic for many women. There are stories of shame and guilt (often associated with religious beliefs) and a lack of education around the topic. Although for many women they feel empowered by what their bodies can do - to truly feel orgasmic, alive, and unashamed. 

We can get caught up with the narrative that spontaneous sex with a partner is the best way to reach orgasm, when in fact women know their bodies best. Studies have shown that in some instances, women experience more pleasure from masturbation without a partner. 

Female gratification comes with many benefits improving our long-term health. When women reach climax, the brain releases the pleasure hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is referred to as the love hormone because it’s known for building trust and connections. It can also lower anxiety and positively affects our mood. 

Our male counterparts openly talk about masturbation and it’s celebrated in society as reaching ‘manhood’. Yet, why is female self-pleasure still not as openly received in society? 

Studies have shown that over 50% of women masturbate on average once a week or 53 times per year. In comparison, our male counterparts masturbate on average 3 times more in a year than women do. With this in mind, we’ve put together top tips for women wanting to explore self-pleasure or try something new, yet feel like they don’t know where to begin. 

Schedule Alone Time 

Imagine running a hot bath or relaxing to music in your bedroom. Find a comfortable spot (pun intended) and relax. 

Don’t rush this experience. It’s all about the build-up! Just like when you and your partner get intimate, it’s not pleasurable to go from zero to hero. Warm-up feeling parts of your body, listen to your breath, and pay attention to your body. You don’t 

always have to just focus on your yoni either. Strokes across your inner leg and all the way up to your neck can be just as pleasurable. Learn about what you enjoy and your turn-ons. The whole experience should keep you feeling open, receptive, and empowered.

Experiment At Different Times Of The Day 

For the first few times, try self-pleasure in the morning and then again in the evening. Hey, if you work from home and can get away with it, try it on your lunch break too. Often, it’s reported women prefer pleasure in the morning. This is primarily because it sets off pleasure hormones (aka Oxytocin). Equally, the evening time can be just as pleasurable after a long and stressful day. Why not even try both in one day to see which time you prefer? 

Use a Yoni Melt or Oil 

If you’ve never heard of yoni suppositories products before, think about the times when your vagina gets dry. This usually occurs at different stages of your cycle or a change in seasons. Suppositories help with increasing moisture to the area, while also soothing yoni walls for maximum comfortability during intimate times. Made with all types of healthy oils with anti-bacterial agents, you’ll also have the added benefit of keeping your vagina clean! 

Natural flavored suppositories can take your orgasm to another level. While inserted into the vagina, yoni melts are used for the ultimate self-pleasure! Not to mention, they’re also edible for pleasure partners and are made with different flavours to suit every taste bud. It’s safe to say every woman needs to try them. 

Have Fun With the Experience 

You don’t just have to use your body parts to masturbate. Experiment with sex toys, your partner, or by watching porn - it’s all about getting the best orgasm. That starts with understanding what you enjoy best. 

When we talk about self-pleasure, all women need to understand that what works for them might be something that someone else doesn’t enjoy. Exploring our bodies and sexual wellbeing is a journey. Self-pleasure is more than just a quick orgasm. It’s about truly connecting with your body - knowing what you like, what feels good, and what your body is telling you.

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