Frequently Asked Questions

a. Please sign up to PCN subscription email via our website for new discount codes. You’ll find the subscription link in the footer of the website. You’ll also see a pop-up window when you first log onto the site which will prompt you to subscribe.

a. PCN doesn’t offer refunds, however you can arrange a return. Please see our Exchanges & Returns Page for details. Cancellations and quick returns can also be arranged via our Replacement Form.

a. Please contact us with your order number and details. Please complete our Replacement Form.

a. Simply click on the product you’re wanting to learn more about, & you’ll find the ingredients list on the product page. 

b. If you’re unable to find the ingredient list, please contact PCN for more information.

a. Please see details on our Shipping & Delivery Page.

a. Yes, click here for details for the bundle packages.

a. There is an option at checkout to not have labels on the packaging. For details with regards to contents and ingredients for your purchased products, you will need to refer to the website for these details. 

a. Products have been used and trusted by many women. Our products are intended to provide moisture and flavor without posing the risk of giving a yeast infection. 

b. Oils contain no pH, therefore will not throw off pH. Yoni oils and yoni melts have no pH because they consist of mainly carrier oils. 

c. Find our complete list of pH details for our sprays and soaps here.

a. Our flavored yoni oils, sprays & melts are edible. 

b. The flavorless oil is not edible as it contains essential oils. The soaps and steamsare not edible. More information on products included in product description onthe Shop Pages.

a. Yoni melts cannot be used with latex condoms and IUD/Nuvaring and similar contraceptives. 

b. Our products can be used with hormonal pills (combination & mini), contraceptiveshots and patches.

a. No. Our products are sugarless, kosher, vegan, and alcohol-free.

a. Details are in the product descriptions on the shop pages. Our postcards whichare placed in all orders contain a full list of the descriptions. This also includesinstructions for using each yoni collection.

a. This refers to the quantity of the suppository shells you will receive. The pricevaries depending on the quantity of shells; available in 6 count, 12 count & 24count.

a. It’s highly unlikely any of our products will affect fertility. Please consult with ahealth physician before using any of our yoni products. Our products will not cureor prevent health illnesses.

a. Yes. Our products can be used during sex, in all areas of the female and male anatomy. The products are made for both men and women. 

b. Yoni products can be used in the female and male rectum area. 

c. Our products are not strictly used for sex. The oils can be placed on all parts of the body to provide a fruitful aroma. 

d. Note :: our flavorless yoni oil is not to be ingested due to it containing essentialoils (not consumable for humans).

a. We have flavorless melts. The product is called “No flavor, just moisture yoni melt” link here 

a. The yoni can be used up to 3-4 times per week. It’s not suggested to be usedevery day as the area needs to refresh itself.

a. Yes, the yoni oil and spray can be used for other parts of the body.

b. The yoni melt is intended for insertion in the private area only. It is not suggestedthis is spread on the body.

a. Currently we don’t sell wholesale, however this may change in the future.

a. All orders are made to ship only. There is no local delivery or pick up.

a. Payment is taken via our online store. We accept PayPal, Debit Card, Credit Card, ShopPay, ShopPay Installments, Klarna, Affirm, Sezzle and Gift Cards. ShopPay is the first option during the checkout. To use the other payment methods, please select the option to “checkout as guest” under the shoppay checkout screen.

a. Paypal is an acceptable payment method for PCN shoppers.

a. Yes, PCN does offer gift cards. Please attach link

a. PCN does not accept money orders as a form of payment.

a. Please subscribe to our email newsletter for all current and updated discount offers. There are options to receive a 15% discount for recycled jars and leaving a review from past orders.

a. Please refer to our Return and Exchange policy.

a. PCN does not offer samples for any products at this time.

a. Holiday periods may have longer processing times. Please place your order at minimum 2 weeks ahead of your desired delivery date to allow for slower postage during the vacation and special events seasons.

a. PCN handles orders according to the processing time the customer chooses (first class, priority and express). An order in pre-transit is simply still processing and will be shipped in the following time frame (refer to Shipping and Delivery page). If the order is in pre-transit for 10 days, the order may be delayed. PCN sends emails to customers whose orders are in delay.

a. All tracking numbers provided through SHIPSTATION are through USPS. PCN will give updates to customers whose labels were canceled. A second email will follow with a second tracking number. 

b. Please make sure to check on the USPS website only with the provided tracking number.

a. We post worldwide including PO Boxes, Military Locations (APO / FPO / DPO) and Internationally.

a. We post worldwide including PO Boxes, Military Locations (APO / FPO / DPO) and Internationally.

a. We post worldwide including PO Boxes, Military Locations (APO / FPO / DPO) and Internationally.

a. All orders equal to or over $50 USD, are eligible for free shipping with USPS.

a. Free shipping is handled through First Class Mail with USPS. PCN processing time for First Class Mail is 3-6 business days. Once handed over to USPS, it can take 1-5 business days to be delivered.

a. Please refer to our Exchanges and Returns page.

If you have any other questions, send us a message