A Little About

Personal Care Nourishment


Personal Care Nourishment has been created to provide natural, and non-toxic adult wellness products.

Here are the following items we sell for sexual wellness: yoni oils, yoni spray, yoni suppository melts, yoni juice soap cleansers and yoni steams. We provide a list of pH information for our female consumers that want extra protection and information. Our products are not only used by females, but males as well.

We are firm in our belief of providing natural products.

There are absolutely no toxic ingredients that are used within any of our products, and will remain that way.

Here is an example of how we will not tolerate any cut cost procedures and ingredients. For our yoni soaps, we had a choice to use xanthan gum for a thickener. Xanthan gum is not found in nature. Instead, we use cornstarch to thicken our soaps.

While we make products focused on sexual wellness, we plan to expand into other forms of personal care by the year 2024.

We plan to create so many more items, but we ask for the time and patience of our consumers
to be able to provide quality items

We are solely focused on giving quality, thought-out personal care items to our customers.

No cutting cost with industry fillers either. We hope to continue to serve our loyal customers while expanding to other unique, never seen before products. PCN’s vision has so much for you to see, so we ask that you buckle your seat belts and put on your shades. Let's get ready to ride!

Natural, biodegradable, pH friendly and non-toxic ingredients made forhygiene and sexual wellness.

We provide a pH list of all our sprays and soaps so that you are more secure and comfortable using them on your pH balanced sensitive area. Yoni Oils and Melts primary ingredients are carrier oils, which have no pH. Therefore, pH balances will not be affected by these two products. Find more information about PH levels in all our products here

We ensure packaging materials that are biodegradable and recyclable.

We want to be kind to Mother Earth and Our Consumers by offering a discount for recycled packaging bottles (glass and/or plastic), boxes, wrapping and shipping labels. Directions for obtaining this discount can be found here. Discount can be used as many times as orders are placed.