Replacement Form

Replacement - Exchange - Cancellation Policy and Form

We understand mistakes happen, no company is perfect including PCN that makes handmade and made-to-order products. We wish we had robots to handle our work but unfortunately that is not our scenario and prefer a more natural approach. During this process, we may make mistakes while handling orders and ship the wrong items. We also understand that customers may have a change of mind for their products and/or entire order. We have included a form to handle these scenarios. This form is for customers that need a replacement, exchange or cancellation. 

Time Sensitive Rules for this Policy: 

Replacement: Form must be filled out 3 days after order has been shown to be delivered. Packages which have been lost and/or stolen due the shipping providers negligence, do not qualify for our Return Policy. Please contact the shipping provider.. 

Exchange: Exchanges cannot be made on Priority and Express Orders, due to their quick processing times. Exchanges can only be made orders using First Class Mail Time. Customers are given 24 hours after the order confirmation, to request an exchange for an item. Exchanges must have the same value in currency; it cannot be lesser than, or greater value than the previous item. 

Cancellation: Cancellation can only be requested on Firrst-Class mailing orders; cannot be used on priority and express mailing orders. Customers are given 24 hours of order confirmation to send in the cancellation request.

Steps to Filling Out Form 

  1. Please take a look at our “Time Sensitive Rules for this Policy” above to know if you qualify for any of the requests. 
  2. Fill out first name, last name, email used on order, and order number.
  3.  Choose your request. 
  4. Type in reason for the request. 
  5. Press “Submit”. 
  6. Our review team will look at your information and make a decision on your request. Please give our review team 24-48 hrs to send an email regarding your request. The email will be sent to the email used on the form.