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Recycling Form

5% Recycling Policy

We want to promote more recycling in the beauty community. 

This company is devoted to being an eco-friendly company that serves its customers and most importantly, the earth. We want to show our appreciation by offering a 10% coupon to customers that recycle their used YONI oils, spray, and soap bottles. 

Steps to Filling Out Form 

  1. Place recyclable items into the recycling bin. 
  2. Take a picture of the items in the recycling bin. 
  3. Fill in the following information into the form: first name, last name, email (same email used for order), and order number. 
  4. Upload the picture of the recycled items at the bottom of the form. 5. Click submit. 
  5. Please wait 12-24 hours for our review team to verify the information. Once verified, we will email the customer a 5% coupon. The email will be sent to the email used on the form. 

Coupon Notes: The coupon can only be used by the customer that the email and order number is assigned to. It can be used on any order, any product and at any time. Through the submit button, the customers agree to be truthful on the form information, as well as actually recycling the items in the picture :)