pH Information for YONI Collections

Do you want a more informed approach before deciding on which product to choose from?

We have included a pH level sheet on the YONI Spray and Soap Collection.

pH balance is an important factor with smells and other vaginal behavior. In order to maintain a healthy vagina biomone, the pH must be approximately 3.8 to 4.6 in levels. Once the vagina pH has reached levels under or below this range, strange things can start to happen. We have formulated our aqueous products to fit the pH range of the vagina, for a perfect pH balance. We have not included pH levels for the YONI Oil and Melt Collection, more information on this can be found below.

Yoni Spray PH Levels

Kinky Kiwi-3.94

Peaches N’ Cream- 3.92

Blueberry Bang- 3.90

Orgasm Orange- 3.98

Climaxing Chocolate- 3.93

Wet Watermelon- 3.99

Mango Make Love- 3.92

Strawberry Top-3.96

Breathtaking Banana- 3.94

Caressing Coconut- 3.92

Devouring Dragon Fruit-3.97

Pleasure Pineapple-3.92

Pain is Pleasure Pomegranate-3.90

Reaching Peaks Passion Fruit- 3.97

Possessed Pink Grapefruit- 3.91

Gushy Grape- 3.98

Luscious Lemon- 3.90

Captivated Cantaloupe- 3.95

Heat Rising Honey- 3.90

Vivid Vanilla- 3.98

Pop my Cherry-3.90

Unscented YONI Spray- 3.90

Yoni Soap PH Levels

AfterGlow Apple- 4.85

Blueberry Bang- 4.44

Captivated Cranberry- 3.68

Caressing Coconut- 4.63

Gushy Grape- 4.28

Licking Lime- 3.22

Luscious Lemon- 3.48

Mango Make Love- 4.26

Orgasm Orange- 4.48

Promising Papaya- 4.90

Pain is Pleasure Pomegranate- 4.03

Pleasure Pineapple- 4.77

Possessed Pink Grapefruit- 3.89

Voluptuous Veggie Blend- 5.01

No Juice Cleans- 5.09

Small chemistry lesson, listen up!

Why is there no pH information for the YONI Melts, and YONI Oil Collections?

Oils have approximately a pH level of zero. Only water-based formulations can have pH due to their iconic nature to strip out hydrogen atoms. There is no water in any oil, therefore no free hydrogen ions, therefore no pH. Adding this product to your self-care routine will not throw off pH balance

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